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Case Studies

Bow Lake Recycling and Transfer Station Case Study (PDF, 1 MB)
LEED Platinum case study of the Bow Lake Recycling and Transfer Station Project

Rural Green Building and Universal Design Case Study (PDF, 827 K)
Case study of the Built Green 3-star residence of Mike and Karen Vowels in rural Duvall

Cargo Container Camper Case Study (PDF, 400 K)
The BIG idea behind this little footprint was rethinking how King County Parks could expand its camping offerings in a sustainable and cost effective way - by "upcycling" an empty cargo container.

Custom Home Case Study – Eastside Harvest House (PDF, 355 K)
One of the most sustainable homes in the NW region, Eastside Harvest House takes advantage of abundant resources – sun, rain, good farming soils and climate.

Custom Home Case Study – zHome (PDF, 355 K)
The zHome partnership team formed with a shared vision – to create an iconic, deep green, high performance development in the NW. zHome is a 10-unit townhome development in the center of Issaquah Highlands.

The 5-Star Built Green Home at Suncadia - Case Study (PDF, 184 K)
Describes project background, resources and energy-saving technologies used in constructing a custom home that highlights the environmental and health benefits of utilizing "green" materials and building techniques.

The 5-Star Built Green Home at Suncadia - Features of Green Materials (PDF, 112 K)
This list of the environmentally-friendly features shows the potential benefits of using green products.

Puget Sound Sustainable Development Center Business Plan (PDF, 1.41 MB)

2004 LEED® Assessment Report – King County Metro Transit Division (PDF, 400 K)

Cutting the Scrap: Houses with Less Waste (PDF, 48 K)
Case study of Lozier Homes' Klahanie housing development project in Issaquah.

Atlantic/Central Base Demolition Case Study (PDF, 103 K)

Kent Pullen Regional Communications and Emergency Coordination Center Case Study (PDF, 893 K)

King County Green Roof Feasibility Study (PDF, 697 K)

Deconstruction Case Studies

King County Green Building Program Annual Reports

2011 Annual Report of King County's Climate Change, Energy, Green Building and Environmental Purchasing Programs (PDF)

2010 Annual Report of King County’s Climate Change, Energy, Green Building and Environmental Purchasing Programs (PDF, 1.4 MB)

2010 Green Building Program Accomplishments (PDF, 1.3 MB)

2009 Annual Report – King County Green Building Program (PDF, 1.95 MB)

2008 Annual Report – King County Green Building Program (PDF, 435 K)

2007 Annual Report – King County Green Building Program (PDF, 1 MB)

2006 Annual Report – King County Green Building Program (PDF, 211 K)

2003 Annual Report – King County Green Building Initiative (PDF, 298 K)

2002 Annual Report – King County Green Building Initiative (PDF, 188 K)

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2012 King County/Seattle Construction Recycling Directory (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Directory of Puget Sound recycling service providers that accept construction and demolition materials for recycling.

2007 Contractors Guide (PDF, 811 K)
This guide gathers all of the essential information needed by a construction and demolition contractor working in greater King County to maximize the amount of materials leaving their jobsite as a resource, as opposed to waste.

Sustainable Design Resource Guide (external)
Comprehensive guide is organized according to the 16 divisions of the Construction Specifications Institute. Each division has an introduction that outlines specific product or system concerns followed by product listings and information designed to assist users in the purchase or specification of sustainable building products. Includes an extensive list of resources.

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Technical References

Best Management Practices for the Control of Asbestos at Construction and Demolition Materials Processing Facilities in Washington State (PDF, 106 K)
Guidance for C&D facility managers on how to prevent asbestos containing materials from entering their facilities and how to identify and control any asbestos containing materials which do enter their facilities.

Green Home Buyers Guide (PDF, 2.28 MB)
Healthy homes for a healthy environment.

Green Home Remodeling – Do-it-yourself home energy audit (PDF, 3.66 MB)
A step-by-step guide for identifying and improving your home's energy efficiency

Green Home Remodeling – Summary (PDF, 556 K)
An overview of issues and strategies involved in environmentally friendly home remodeling projects.

Green Home Remodeling – Bath & Laundry (PDF, 619 K)
Guide to green remodeling options for bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Green Home Remodeling – Hiring A Pro (PDF, 740 K)
It makes sense to carefully consider not only your remodeling design, but the professionals who will execute it.

Green Home Remodeling – Kitchens (PDF, 797 K)
Guide to making green choices in a home kitchen remodel.

Green Home Remodeling – Landscape Materials (PDF, 1.6 MB)
The right landscape can increase a home's value by 15%, according to the Association of Landscape Contractors of America.

Green Home Remodeling – Painting (PDF, 497 K)
Few things can dramatically change a home's interior or exterior as quickly or cheaply as a fresh coat of paint.

Green Home Remodeling – Roofing (PDF, 1.28 MB)
Guide to roofing choices and their environmental impacts.

Green Home Remodeling – Salvage & Reuse (PDF, 499 K)
Although residential projects represent only a portion of the construction waste total, a remodel invariably results in a variety of items being discarded.

Design for Disassembly (DfD) Guide (PDF, 1.0 MB)
An introduction to the principles, methods, and materials of DfD in the built environment. Intended for owners, architects, designers and builders.

Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction: A Practical Guide to Saving Wood, Money, and Forests (external)
On-line excerpt of 1998 Natural Resources Defense Council handbook is a summary of several wood-efficient approaches to design, material selection, and construction for residential applications.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Companies in Washington State (Excel spreadsheet, external)
Created by Northwest Natural Resource Group

Green Building and Low Impact Development - Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
From King County's Department of Development and Environmental Services.

LEED Reference Package (external)
Binder with CD contains information on registering projects with USGBC and explains how to compile and submit applications for completed projects seeking LEED certification. The LEED Reference Package can be purchased from the US Green Building Council (external).

Low Impact Development (PDF, 4.25 MB)
(Note: This is a very large file and may take several minutes to download, depending on connection speed)

Technical Guidance Manual For Puget Sound

Model Low Impact Development Strategies for Big Box Retail Stores
The Greening of Surface Water Management Methods for Large Format Retailers – This study, funded in part by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, demonstrates that development choices that protect the environment are compatible with business operations.

Managing the LEED Process (PDF, 185 K)
An overview of LEED certification requirements

Resource-Efficient Natural Landscaping Guide (external)
Seattle Public Utilities Resource Guide for designing, building and maintaining natural systems to lower costs and improve water conservation and soil health.

Sample Letter to Vendor ( PDF, 8 K)
Sample letter to vendor requesting assistance in reaching construction waste management goals; letter can be modified to fit the needs of specific projects.

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Green Remodeling Guides

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Miscellaneous Documents

Town Hall Seattle Charrette Report (PDF, 1.8 MB)
2013 King County Government Confluence Workshop Results

Building Removal Assessment Tool (PDF, 85 K)
This tool allows a Project Manager to conduct a quick initial evaluation of a building slated for removal in order to determine the best course(s) of action to remove the structure while diverting the greatest amount of materials of value from the project.

Lead Paint Requirements for Salvage/Deconstruction (PDF, 162 K)
In April 2010, the EPA's 2008 Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program Rule went into full effect. This document provides an overview of what the rule requires and how it may affect your work.

Which C&D Materials Are Recycled (PDF, 38 K)
Outlines which C&D materials are recycled when they are collected together for hauling to individual C&D recyclers.

March 5 – May 14

2008 King County GreenTools/AGC Education Foundation Presentations (RTF, 45 K)
This series of classes is designed to give your company the green edge you've been looking for.

IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Specification 01574 - IAQ Construction Plan (RTF, 76 K)
Boilerplate contract language for requiring that specific Indoor Air Quality standards be met.

Sample Letter to Vendor (PDF, 19 K)
Language to include in a letter to vendors expressing your company's interest in reducing the amount of packaging used in items shipped to your jobsite.

Recycling Economics Worksheet (Microsoft Excel ® Document , 31 K)
Worksheet for calculating the cost effectiveness of recycling.

Diversion/Recycling Rates for Local C&D Processing Facilities—Past Months (PDF, 194 K)
This document lists diversion/recycling rates for past months. See the Diversion/Recycling Rates page for the most current data.

State, federal and utility energy-efficiency incentives
King County GreenTools and Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES) have developed tools to help facilitate and encourage participation in Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Washington State, and Federal incentive programs that promote energy efficiency and conservation in construction and retrofitting. See PSE, state, and federal energy-efficiency incentives for:

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Updated: Jan. 28, 2015

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