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Garbage & Recycling Services

Use the drop-down menu below to find the garbage and recycling hauler for your area.

King County ensures that garbage and recycling collection and disposal services are available in the unincorporated areas and in 37 of the 39 cities in the county, excluding Seattle and Milton. Seattle provides its own services, and Milton is part of Pierce County's system.

The collection of garbage and recyclables in the county is provided by private solid waste management companies, or haulers, except in Enumclaw and Skykomish, which operate their own collection systems.

Recycling through your curbside collection service can save you money

Recycling keeps garbage rate increases at a minimum and helps you reduce the amount of garbage you make. You can save money on your garbage bill by reducing the number and size of your garbage containers by recycling mixed paper, newspaper, cardboard, plastic, yard waste, food scraps and food soiled paper.

Taking part in curbside recycling services is easy to do, just use the Garbage & Recycling drop-down menu (below) to contact your garbage hauler for information about services available in your neighborhood.

Visit the "What do I do with…?" site to learn how to dispose of unwanted items.

There may be special handling methods or companies for disposing of household or other hazardous wastes. For information on handling specific materials, visit the What do I do with…? site.


Locate the hauler in your area.


Find out how to get service and what to put in the recycle bin. Includes information about single-family, multi-family, business and transfer station recycling.

Yard Waste

Yard waste in King County is recycled into compost locally.

Recycle More. It's Easy To Do.

How to make recycling convenient and recycle more.

Recycle Food. It's Easy To Do.

In many areas of King County you can recycle food scraps and soiled paper with your yard waste.

Recycling Collection Events

Residents can recycle items that may not be collected through curbside collection.

What's in our Garbage?

Much of what we throw away still has value, and over half of what we throw away is recyclable.

What can you do?

Learn how to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle to help King County reach Zero Waste of Resources.

Zero Waste

King County adopted a policy to work toward Zero Waste by 2030, meaning that materials of value, whether for reuse, resale, or recycling, won't be put in the garbage and end up in the landfill.


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Recicla más. ¡Es facilísimo!

Recicla más. ¡Es facilísimo!

Visit Recicla más. ¡Es facilísimo! for recycling information in Spanish.

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Updated: Jun. 29, 2016

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