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New waste acceptance rules

New waste acceptance rules have been enacted at King County Solid Waste Division transfer stations, drop boxes, and the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill, Medical sharps, compressed gas tanks, and fluorescent light ballasts are no longer accepted in the garbage. Learn more


King County operates multiple facilities for the disposal or recycling of solid waste and household hazardous waste.

King County recycling & transfer stations, drop box facilities

The Solid Waste Division (SWD) operates eight transfer stations and two drop boxes in King County. These facilities accept municipal solid waste from residents and businesses. Limited recycling services are available for residential customers.

Construction and demolition diversion/recycling and disposal

Small loads of C&D materials, in vehicles without tip beds, are accepted for disposal (not recycling/diversion) at King County transfer stations.

Disposal fees and Disposal restrictions

Learn about solid waste disposal fees, recycling fees, and methods of payment. View disposal restrictions at King County solid waste facilities.

Household hazardous waste collection facilities

SWD operates one mobile and one fixed household hazardous waste facility. Residents can bring their leftover pesticides, batteries, thinners and solvents and other household hazardous wastes for proper disposal.


The King County Solid Waste Division operates the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill, maintains several closed landfills, and contracts with a renewable energy company to generate renewable energy from landfill gas.

Rules and Regulations

The major rules and regulations described here govern solid waste and are designed to maintain the highest standards of quality for human health and environmental protection.

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50th anniversary open house

50th anniversary timeline

For the past 50 years the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill has served as King County's primary disposal location. Explore 50 years of history (PDF, 700 K), heavy equipment, weird waste and the critters that call Cedar Hills home…


Landfill gas–to–energy

Privately owned facility converts landfill gas to pipeline quality natural gas and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Learn more


Updated: Oct. 25, 2016

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