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September 14, 1999 PRIMARY ELECTION


Note to Voters: The statements below are written by the candidates, who are solely responsible for the contents therein.

List of Candidates for

Mary Jean


Mary Jean Ryan believes that education is the most important public policy issue facing Seattle. She will devote herself to making sure that ALL Seattle children receive a high quality education.

Ryan believes that the Seattle schools have made major progress but she sees that much remains to be done. If elected she will advocate for quality teachers in every classroom, lower class sizes and a more enriched curriculum - all necessary steps to help students meet the new state standards. She will also work hard on school safety and will expand community use of school facilities.

Ryan currently serves as Seattle's Director of Economic Development. She understands the changing nature of the Puget Sound economy and knows that our children need to be well educated if they are to provide for themselves and their families as working adults. She knows that employers need skilled workers and that our schools are the key to our economic future. Ryan sees Seattle becoming a city of "haves" and "have nots" and believes that we can reverse that trend if we get serious about excellence in education.

Ryan is an involved parent of a Wedgwood Elementary School third grader and is the daughter of two public school teachers. Ryan was recently appointed to the board of Schools First and is the Board Chair of the Seattle Community Development Collaborative.

Mary Jean Ryan is a proven leader with extensive public policy and budget experience. She has worked extensively at all levels of government and has experience raising funds for public interest programs. She is the recipient of the Seattle Management Association's Outstanding Leadership award and is a graduate of Georgetown University and the University of Southern California -- MPA.

Ryan will work hard to make Seattle's schools the best in the nation.

CAMPAIGN ADDRESS: 916 NE 65, PMB 591, Seattle, WA 98115 TELEPHONE: (206) 523-5107

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Mary Jean Ryan

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The Seattle School Board chose NANCY WALDMAN from a large number of applicants to fill this open Board position last year. And for good reason. Nancy has been a high school teacher, a trial attorney, a judge pro tem and a volunteer mediator. She left the legal world to devote her full-time efforts to education.

Nancy helped start both a small private primary school and a public alternative elementary school in Seattle. She chaired the governing boards of each and, for seven years, spent at least one day each week in the classroom. Later she served as Site Council chair and Volunteer Coordinator at Eckstein Middle School, working closely with teachers, administrators, staff and parents.

During Nancy's 14 months on the School Board, she has served on the Audit and Finance Committee and represented the Board in student disciplinary hearings. And, to help achieve her priority for better state support of education, she won election to the statewide Legislative Committee of the Washington State School Directors Association.

"I will continue working to involve parents and community members as essential partners in creating the world-class learning system envisioned by John Stanford. Also, I am committed to the task of attracting and retaining excellent and diverse teachers who are well-prepared to be accountable for student progress. Obtaining full and stable funding for our schools is a must."

Nancy and her husband Bart have lived in Seattle for 21 years. They have two daughters in the Seattle public schools, one in middle school and one in high school. Endorsements include Sue Donaldson, Sen. Adam Kline, Rep. Jim McIntire, Shan Mullin, Don Nielsen, Scott Barnhart, Ellen Roe, and Lisa Macfarlane.

CAMPAIGN ADDRESS: 6524 NE 61 ST, Seattle, WA 98115 TELEPHONE: (206) 525-8044 E-MAIL:

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Nancy Waldman

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Like the late John Stanford, I hit hard, make changes, toss out ideas, write books, sign autographs, then move on. I may not be able to finish my term without a $500,000 bonus. Can you afford me?

But I love good jokes...Take the vice principal who had nothing but substitute teaching credentials--please! Or how about the school board that voted to award an exclusive contract to Coca Cola AFTER it expelled Pepsi machines from schools? (Hey taxpayers--the Coke's on you! Yuk yuk yuk)

But seriously folks, here are just a few things "our" schools sorely need: Accountability for ADMINISTRATORS! An end to Nepotism, Favoritism, and Racial Politics Independent Performance Audit (Not administrators who say they're "scrutinizing every penny?") An accounting of the $25 million John Stanford conceded Seattle Schools lost on "stupid lawsuits" A school board that conducts public business in public A new teachers union An education governor A SPICE scandal update Teachers who spend more time TEACHING --not fighting administrative tyranny, begging their union for help, wading through bureaucratic paperwork, then sleeping through mindless staff meetings Substitutes who are treated like human beings, not doormats SUPPORT from Big Business, not Exploitation Traditional curricula, not endless tests Citizen involvement in school politics, not just volunteering in the classroom and pruning the John Stanford Memorial Grove A reliable source of education news.

This thirteen-year veteran of Seattle Schools' war against education says, "Let's can the propaganda, cheerleading, and exotic junkets; pay principals who work half-time half salaries, recind that 8.2% administrative pay raise, and put some of those 700 administrators to work in the classroom and invest the savings in our children...Only YOU prevent education!"

CAMPAIGN ADDRESS: PO Box 95465, Seattle, WA 98145 TELEPHONE: (206) 527-1690 INTERNET:

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David Blomstrom

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I am a parent of two children in Seattle Public Schools who is very concerned about advertising in schools, waste of school resources, and poor communication between the school district and the parents and citizens it serves. As a lawyer, I have represented truant students, working with teachers, principals, parents, and students throughout Seattle to ensure that both the student and the school district meet their responsibilities.

If elected, I will: Refuse to sell students to advertisers: Remove Coca-Cola ad machines and Channel One from Seattle schools, and reject companies that advertise and collect marketing data on students through "free" computers and web-filtering services. Provide quality education for all of our children: Schools should teach all children to think clearly and independently as free and productive citizens of our democracy. Provide information, not public relations: Follow Kent and Federal Way by web-posting district policies, minutes of school board meetings, and agendas of upcoming school board meetings. Fight waste: Is it cost-effective to demolish historic buildings, close small neighborhood schools, and build larger schools and district offices? Educate children with special needs, beyond requirements of federal law. Question technology: Look at educational value; ignore self-interested hype. Confront corporate power and counter market ideology: The district focuses on the benefits of business and international trade, to the exclusion of their social, political, and environmental costs. Free enterprise is good but must be subject to democratic control. Corporations in the Alliance for Education have replaced taxes with "gifts" they control, and influence international, environmental, and technology education in Seattle schools. Our children need honesty and uncompromised truth. Too much tilting toward business interests subtly corrupts their classrooms. What's at stake is the integrity of the learning environment, children's health and, ultimately, our democracy.

CAMPAIGN ADDRESS: 7513 39 AV NE, #3, Seattle, WA 98115 TELEPHONE: (206) 748-1880


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Dwight VanWinkle

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Updated: 08-27-1999

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