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Sept 16, 2003 Primary Elections

Seattle School District No. 1


Brita Butler-Wall – Nonpartisan

Photo of Brita Butler-Wall – Nonpartisan

DR. BRITA BUTLER-WALL is a former education professor and administrator offering new leadership to the Seattle School District -now facing a $35 million deficit due to mismanagement.

A nationally-recognized authority on education issues, (News Hour with Jim Lehrer, NPR, New York Times), Brita directs the statewide commercial-free schools campaign ( With two children in Seattle public schools, Brita has served on the boards of Seattle Council PTSA and Ravenna-Bryant Community Association.

BRITA'S LEADERSHIP PLEDGE . Accountability: get District finances back on track . Responsiveness: involve our community in meeting needs of ALL children . Advocacy: fight for ample, stable, equitable school funding.

Recommended by Seattle Education Association; endorsed by Seattle Community Colleges Federation of Teachers; rated 4 (of 5) by Seattle Metropolitan Elections Commission.

Endorsements: Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos, Rep. Velma Veloria, Rep. Maralyn Chase, King County Council Chair Cynthia Sullivan.

Address: PO Box 30525
Seattle, WA 98113-0525
Web site:

David Blomstrom – Nonpartisan

Photo of David Blomstrom – Nonpartisan

While phony "activists" babble about Coca Cola (a weapon of mass distraction), I tackle the Axis of Evil: The Seattle School Board, Seattle Education Association, Alliance for Education, Seattle media and Mayor Greg Nickels' office.

My issues include regime change, a GENUINE independent audit (or NO to February's school levy), WASL boycott, PUNISHMENT for corrupt school officials, and open-source software (Linux, Mozilla, etc.) - the cheaper, safer, more ethical and patriotic alternative to monopolistic, buggy virus magnets masquerading as software.

My campaign is also a forum on Osama Dubya Bush, whose "No Child Left Alive Act" punishes children even more severely than Seattle's Vichy Democrats do. If you REALLY want to un-Select America's biggest traitor in 2004, vote for the webmaster of Jail4Bush NOW.

Forget ALL the Seattle media and clueless citizens and do your own research, beginning with

Phone: 206-527-1690

Nancy Waldman – Nonpartisan

Photo of Nancy Waldman – Nonpartisan

DuringNancy Waldman's 51/2 years on the School Board, our district has made remarkable progress. We now have uniform academic standards, rising test scores and declining drop out rates. Exciting work on the achievement gap is underway. More students are getting their chosen schools, and all schools have more autonomy.

Despite these gains, we've had a challenging year. As Board President, Nancy is leading the district's recovery from its fiscal crisis. The Board commissioned a thorough financial audit, appointed a strong interim superintendent, and will finish this year in the black. Nancy's continued leadership is essential.

Nancy and husband Bart have lived in Seattle since 1978. They have two daughters, both Seattle Schools products. A former teacher, lawyer, and education activist, Nancy co-founded 2 Seattle schools. She devotes full time and energy to the School Board.

Early endorsements include Jim McIntire, Shan Mullin, Sue Donaldson, Jeannie Hale, Alki Foundation.

Address: PO Box 85452
Seattle, WA

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Updated: Aug. 29, 2003

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