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November 7, 2000 General Election

City of Lake Forest Park - Proposition No. 1



The City Council of the City of Lake Forest Park adopted Resolution No. 601 concerning a proposition to finance parks and open space. If approved, this ballot proposition will authorize the City to acquire, develop and preserve parks and open space, issue no more than $3,500,000 of general obligation bonds maturing within 20 years, and levy annual excess property taxes to pay and retire such bonds, all as provided in Resolution No. 601. Should this proposition be:

Approved __   Rejected __



If approved, this proposition would authorize the City of Lake Forest Park to issue no more than $3,500,000 of general obligation bonds to pay costs of acquiring, developing and preserving parks and open space pursuant to City Council Resolution 601.

The City Council has found that there is a need for more and better parks and open space in the City. The City Council also has expressed its intention to provide improvements for active developed parks, and acquisition of land for active parks properties and natural open space. The size of the bond issue was set to allow for both. The bonds would also allow for necessary improvements to Horizon View, Animal Acres, and Lyon Creek Waterfront Parks.

Without voter approval, there would be little funds to pay for the intended acquisition, development and preservation of parks and open space in the City. As a result, the proposed acquisitions and improvements would not be possible.

The 20-year bonds would be paid by annual property tax levies made in excess of regular property tax levies throughout the City, at an estimated average tax rate of 17.09 cents per $1,000 of assessed value, or an estimated $17.09 per year for a $100,000 house over 20 years. No such taxes would be levied or collected until bonds are sold.

Exemptions from taxes for the bonds may be available to homeowners who are 61 years of age or older, or disabled, and who meet income requirements set by state law.



Our City is well known for its natural park-like setting. Yet, there is a significant lack of public parks and open space in Lake Forest Park - currently less than 1% of the City. Neighboring cities have between 4% and 10% of their area in public parks. To provide for recreational opportunities and protect natural areas, LFP must enhance its existing parks and acquire land for additional parks and open space.

Available land in the City is rapidly disappearing. Significant portions of such land, including environmentally sensitive areas, are already in various stages of development. When all of the green space in the City is developed, there will be no more opportunities for LFP to set aside land for neighborhood parks and open space to be enjoyed by all citizens. This bond measure may well be the last opportunity our City has to acquire available land for its park system, to better serve the recreational needs of our citizens. Additionally, our existing parks need improvements to make them more usable by our citizens.

At a cost to the average homeowner of $3.56 per month, this bond measure is a bargain. Citizens of LFP will enjoy the results for generations to come.

For more information, call 206.362.7896.




PROPOSITION #1 HAS A PLAN: $1,260,000 active recreational parks; $1,540,000 preserving open space; $700,000 developing current parks.

As residents we are called upon to invest in our future, to act as conscientious stewards of a most valued and quickly disappearing natural resource - parklands. Our children and grandchildren deserve no less.



Parks and open space are wonderful. So what's wrong with Proposition 1?

Voters deserve clarity and specificity on how their property tax money is going to be used. Proposition 1 is a vague promise. If approved, our City doesn't have to acquire any new parks. They can do absolutely nothing if they wish. Will the money be spent on our existing parks, and if so, how much? Proposition 1 doesn't guarantee what we will get, or when, or if we will get anything.

There is little money for parks because this city has been a poor steward of our tax money. The City's first priority upon approval is to invest the funds and to provide bridge funding for the new city hall project-the third such undertaking in

5 years! Millions of additional dollars are being marshaled for that project to make a "statement," yet our parks go begging for bathrooms.

Beware-there's more on their plate. The City intends to be back next year for more money for a community center.

Proposition 1 is vague, not forthright, provides funding for an unrelated project and too much like a blank check. Get the full story at




We could accomplish the goals of Proposition 1 without raising taxes. Let's keep our unique 6.6 acre city hall site with its natural park-like setting, and reject a money-guzzling new city hall that is surrounded by a sea of asphalt and traffic. Which locality is more befitting the character of Lake Forest Park? As a bonus, we'll also have a needed community center - without hiking property taxes this year or again next year.


NOTE: The Division of Records and Elections is not authorized to edit statements, nor is it responsible for their contents.

Updated: October 20, 2000

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