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Follow the steps below to find a list of businesses and organizations that will accept your unwanted materials for reuse, recycling, or disposal. To find disposal options for multiple materials, use the Advanced Search page.

Step 1: Select specific materials

Agricultural Plastic
Agricultural plastic includes empty plastic pesticide containers, plastic twine, irrigation pipe, bale wrap, mulch film and other plastic films.

Bottles, Jugs and Tubs
These include plastic jugs with a neck (milk, juice, and pop bottles), plastic bottles with a neck (beverage, fabric softener, detergent, and window, bathroom and kitchen cleaners), and round plastic dairy tubs (yogurt, dairy, and butter or margarine). This does not include “clam shells” or other food take-out plastic containers which are not currently being recycled.

Mixed Plastics and Other Types of Plastics
Many other types of plastic, such as vinyl banners, disposable Tyvek® clothing (shoe and boot covers, coveralls, hoods, lab coats, aprons, sleeves and pants), and large quantities of other plastics may be recyclable.

Packing Peanuts and Foam Blocks
Packing materials include packing peanuts, polystyrene and expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polypropylene, and expanded polyethylene foam blocks. Packing peanuts are the small Styrofoam™ “peanuts” found in many packages shipped through the mail. Packing peanuts are not recyclable, but they are reusable. Many gift stores or shipping centers will accept clean packing peanuts free of charge to reuse in packaging or shipping. Polystyrene includes foam materials such as egg cartons and fruit packaging. EPS and expanded polyethylene blocks are commonly used in the packing of electronic equipment and may be recyclable.

Plastic Film and Grocery Bags
Plastic film includes dry cleaning bags, bread bags, newspaper bags, pallet wrap, and shrink wrap as well as plastic grocery bags. This does not include biodegradable or compostable bags.

Plastic Nursery Pots
Round or square pots made from a variety of different kinds of plastic and used for transporting garden plants and seedlings.

Plastic Office Supplies
Plastic office supplies include transparencies (such as overhead transparencies used in classrooms) and Tyvek® Envelopes (thin, water/rip resistant plastic envelopes).

All plastic


Step 2: Is this material generated from your business or residence?

Business      Residence

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Updated: Aug. 27, 2009

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