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What do I do with...

Vehicles, Vehicle-related Items

Follow the steps below to find a list of businesses and organizations that will accept your unwanted materials for reuse, recycling, or disposal. To find disposal options for multiple materials, use the Advanced Search page.

Step 1: Select specific materials

Mercury Switches
Mercury tilt switches are used in hood and trunk lights to turn the lights on and off. They do not pose any danger to the driver but should be removed from the vehicle before the car is at the end-of-its life.

Motor Oil and Automotive Fluids
Motor oil is made of refined oil used to lubricate car and truck engines. Other automotive fluids include antifreeze, brake fluid, and gasoline.

Oversized Items
Boats, motor homes, campers, trailers and similar large objects.

Vehicles and Major Vehicle Parts
Cars, trucks, motorcycles and major vehicle parts such as engine blocks with vehicle identification numbers (VINs).

All vehicles, vehicle-related items


Step 2: Is this material generated from your business or residence?

Business      Residence

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Updated: Aug. 27, 2009

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