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Become a What do I do with...? Partner

The What do I do with...? Partner program allows you to become part of a group of businesses and organizations that accept a variety of materials for recycling, refurbishment or resale. As a partner, you will be listed on our What do I do with...? site.

To become a What do I do with...? Partner, fill out the form below. You will be sent a user name and password with instructions on how to log in to the Administration Web site. There, you will be able to enter information about your organization's recycling and reuse services into the What do I do with...? database. Once approved by a project manager, this information will appear on the What do I do with...? site.

Questions? Contact the What do I do with...? Project Manager.

Partner Application

Organization name *

Web address


Address *

Suite, apt.

City *

State *    

Zip *

Organization phone *

Organization fax

Organization email

Hours of operation

Description of services *
(Describe your organization - what do you do? Example: "Our Company is a pick up and removal service. We accept everything from appliances to yard waste debris. Materials are taken to a recycling center or are properly disposed of.  We also provide pick-up service to King, Snohomish and, Pierce Counties. Please check out our Web site or call us for a complete list of services.")

Note: you will list/describe in detail the materials that you accept after registration.*

First name *

Last name *    

Contact e-mail

Contact phone *

Contact fax


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If you can see the letters above, type the color of the first character (red, green, black or blue) in the following box. Otherwise… bypass this form and give us a call or submit your comment through King County’s general comment form.

Partner Agreement:
Listings on the King County What Do I Do With…? Web site are provided free of charge to businesses that provide reuse or recycling services to King County residents or businesses. The What Do I Do With…? Web site is designed primarily for local Pacific Northwest businesses and organizations to promote recycling and reuse practices. To ensure that the Web site fulfills the mission of King County Solid Waste Division, we list only businesses that have requested or accepted inclusion in this directory and who have represented to the county that they provide services that reduce or recycle waste. King County recognizes that inclusion in the Web site implies that the business assumes the responsibility for the reuse or the recycling of materials; individuals using this directory must verify the accuracy of such representation. The county makes no warranties as to the accuracy of the information it has been provided. Businesses listed in this directory must also comply with all city, county, state, and/or federal environmental regulations. Failure to comply with any of these may cause a business to be removed from the Web site. Businesses may be removed from the database at King County's sole discretion.

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Updated: Mar. 27, 2009

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