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Plant Right for Your Site

plant right for your site

Plant Right for Your Site

Group plants with similar light, water and soil needs.

Get to Know Your Yard

  • Where is it sunny and shady?
  • Where is the soil sandy or clayey?
  • Are there pockets of dry or soggy soil?

Choose the Right Plant for the Right Place

  • Place large-growing plants away from your house to avoid constant pruning.
  • Select native or Northwest-adapted plants that grow well in our climate.
  • Choose plants that resist pests and use less water.
  • Group plants by their sun/shade, soil and water needs.

Give Plants a Good Start

  • Mix some compost into planting beds.
  • Spread out and loosen roots so they'll begin to grow.
  • Water (external) with a slow, gentle stream to soak down to two inches.
  • Tamp soil down for good root contact.

What About Lawns and Vegetable Gardens?

  • Lawns and vegetable gardens need irrigation, several hours of full sun and level well-drained soil.
  • Limit lawn areas to locations where you need them.

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Updated: Feb. 17, 2009

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