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Natural Yard Care

Five Steps to Natural Yard Care (PDF, 695 K)
Make your piece of the planet a healthier place to live.

Cinco pasos al cuidado natural de la yarda - versión española (PDF, 1.5 MB)
Cinco pasos para hacer su pedazo del planeta un lugar más sano para vivir.

Five Steps to Natural Yard Care Lite (PDF, 246 K)
(single-page version).

Five Steps to Natural Yard Care – Buyer's Guide (PDF, 185 K)
A shopping guide to better yard care products

Natural Yard Care Through the Seasons (PDF, 744 K)
A seasonal calendar of Natural Yard Care practices.

About Pest Control

Grow Smart, Grow Safe – A Gardener’s Guide
A consumer guide to lawn and garden products - from King County's Local Hazardous Waste Management Program.

Get Acquainted with Some Insects (PDF, 151 K)
Learn more about your plants and the insects in your yard so you can make knowledgeable choices about pest control.

Quick-read Resources

A Perfectly Lovely Lawn: Chemical Free & Safe to Play On! (PDF, 156 K)
Healthy lawns are a lighter "meadow" green color.

Don't Give Noxious Weeds a Home (PDF, 260 K)
Pretty and they thrive wherever planted. They are also invasive.

How to Build an E-Z Worm Composting Bin (PDF, 700 K)
King County's most popular publication

How to Choose a Compost Bin (PDF, 118 K)
What to look for when selecting a yard waste compost bin.

How to Choose a Landscape Company (PDF, 462 K)
Not all landscape companies are the same.

Is Your Soil Healthy? (PDF, 168 K)
Healthy soil is the basis for a healthy yard

Kitchen Waste Composting with Worms (PDF, 133 K)
Worms are the animal kingdom's master composters of kitchen waste.

Make the Mulch Of It (PDF, 305 K)
Mulching is the key to soil health and weed control.

Make Your Own Kitchen Waste Composter (PDF, 179 K)
Turn a waste product into a free soil amendment.

Make Your Own Portable Wood and Wire Composting Bin (PDF, 396 K)
This bin holds about one cubic yard of material.

Organic Fertilizer: What Does it Mean? (PDF, 142 K)
Provide nutrients in small amounts over an extended period of time — just the way your plants need them.

Put the Right Plants in the Right Place for a Trouble Free Garden! (PDF, 189 K)
By designing a diverse garden you will create a balanced ecosystem which will provide a year round habitat for beneficial insects, birds and other wildlife.

Turn Over a New Leaf: Compost for Healthy Soil (PDF, 240 K)
Creates high-quality compost and reduces waste at the same time.

When to Water and How Much (PDF, 151 K)
Watch for signs that plants are thirsty.

Healthy Soil Survey 2003 - Final Results (PDF, 680 K)
One of the main goals of this survey was to determine the extent to which King County residents receive and respond to natural yard care messages.

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Updated: Aug. 18, 2015

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