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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Conserving water means reducing the amount of water consumed by engaging in more efficient practices and using more efficient equipment.

Schools can conserve water:

  • On school grounds
    • Landscape with drought-resistant plants.
    • Use water-saving irrigation systems.
    • Use captured rainwater or recycled water.
    • Design playfields to reduce irrigation needs.
    • Compost grass clippings and other grounds materials.
    • Use electric mulching mowers.
    • Apply mulch annually.


  • In school buildings
    • Install low-flow toilets, shower heads and faucets.
    • Install faucet aerators.
    • Install waterless urinals.
    • Educate students, faculty and administrative staff on the benefits of and methods for conserving water.


  • In operations and maintenance policies and practices
    • Regularly check water meters, even during no-occupancy months.
    • Establish a baseline for water use and monitor and report consumption statistics.
    • Establish methods to regularly check buildings for water leaks and report them to maintenance staff for repair.
    • Establish a purchasing policy that specifies high-efficiency/air-cooled equipment when replacement is needed.

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Updated: Sep. 25, 2012

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