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King County Green Schools Program King County Green Schools Program  

Waste Reduction Toolkit

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction means decreasing the amount of materials needed in the first place so that volumes of garbage and recyclable materials are reduced.

The links below are guides prepared by the King County Green Schools Program to facilitate school waste reduction efforts.The remaining links are to King County Solid Waste Division or other web sites that include waste reduction information or tips.

Also refer to the level one criteria (Microsoft Word document, 83 K) of the King County Green Schools Program for a variety of additional ideas about how to reduce waste at school.

School wide

Classroom and office

  • Reduce (PDF, 52 K) or eliminate unwanted newspaper subscriptions and unwanted mail.

Lunchroom, kitchen and break room


Landscaping and grounds

  • Compost leaves, grass clippings and other yard waste.
  • Leave grass clippings in place to provide nutrients to the lawn

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Updated: Sep. 25, 2012

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