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King County Green Schools Program King County Green Schools Program  

Recycling Toolkit

Recycling means setting aside materials that can be recycled so that they can be collected and then made into new products.

This web page includes the recycling assistance, supplies, and guides provided by the King County Green Schools Program for school and district participants.

Assistance and supplies

For each school participant, the Green Schools Program assigns a program representative who will visit the school and help assess how it can reduce, reuse, and recycle. The representative assists each school to make improvements, solve problems, and promote successes.

The program provides recycling signs, stickers and containers. Also, see the helpful guides listed below and the recycling resource list on the program website.

  • The program provides stickers that can be adhered to recycling containers and signs that can be posted above recycling containers.
  • Recycling containers (PDF, 57 K) The program provides recycling containers, as needed, up to $200 per school. King County purchases the recycling containers directly from a vendor and has them delivered to participating schools.
  • Recycling collection options (PDF, 165 K) Use this guide to help decide how your school will empty its indoor recycling containers and transport them to its outdoor recycling Dumpster.
  • Milk carton recycling (PDF, 95 K) Use this guide to plan and initiate milk carton recycling and leftover liquids collection at your school.

Educational and promotional resources

  • Educational programs. Sign up for King County Solid Waste Division’s free classroom workshops, elementary school assembly program, and other educational resources.
  • Communication guide (PDF, 162 K) This document includes ideas about how to promote waste reduction, recycling, and other conservation practices in your school – and how to conduct regular or ongoing promotion.
  • Use WRR fast facts (PDF, 200 K) in PA announcements, in the lunchroom and at assemblies, in emails and in school and parent newsletters, on the school website, and in other publications to educate students, staff, and parents about the benefits of reducing waste and recycling.
  • Sample PA Announcements (PDF, 111 K)When your school starts or improves its recycling program, use these sample announcements to promote recycling. As your school continues its recycling practices, use these sample announcements – to continue to promote recycling.
  • Field trips (Microsoft Word document, 82 K) Take your students on a field trip tour of a recycling, reuse or composting facility.
  • Sample principal emails: Ask your principal to send an email to all staff regarding the school’s recycling program (sample email (PDF, 105 K)). Ask your principal to send an email to all staff at the end of the school year regarding recycling successes and recycling containers (sample end of year email (PDF, 29 K)).
  • King County Green Works newsletters. The newsletters include articles about recycling, waste reduction, recycled content paper, energy reduction, and other conservation topics. Also see the other tools on this web page.

Monitoring recycling and garbage

Use these tools to track your school’s garbage, recycling, and food scrap volumes, and to calculate its recycling rate.

  • Ask your King County Green Schools Program representative to help your school to calculate its recycling rate.
  • Food scrap assessment (Microsoft Word document, 37 K) Before starting a composting collection program, your school may want to use this form to measure its food scrap volume and/or weight.

Other resources

  • Electronics recycling. E-Cycle Washington provides free electronics recycling for Washington public and private schools for the following equipment: computers, laptops, monitors, and TVs. For more information and to locate electronics recycling vendors, visit E-Cycle Washington or call 1-866-779-6632. Some vendors listed on the King County recycling vendor website are participating in E-Cycle Washington. Please note that the King County site is not a complete, up-to-date listing of all E-Cycle Washington vendors.

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Updated: Dec. 16, 2016

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