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Green Schools Program

Gardening resources for schools

School gardens provide students with fresh produce for snacks and lunches, opportunities for hands-on learning about food and plant systems, and increased physical activity as they prepare, plant and weed garden beds. Locate resources and grants for school gardens (PDF, 58 K), and learn about edible, native plant and rain gardens.


Earth Day activity guide

On Earth Day, or any day, use this guide (PDF, 338 K) to educate students and staff about natural resources and to promote conservation practices. The guide includes educational and promotional campaigns, community and stewardship activities, competitions, and field trips, with links to other guides, sample pledge forms, documentary movies, and more.


Green Schools Program Participants


Related programs

Join more than 400 schools and 11 school districts that received assistance from the program, improved their conservation practices, involved students in conservation and outreach efforts, and received recognition!

Read about the program mission, the assistance and supplies provided by the program and program steps in How it Works. Also see the program flier (PDF, 160 K).

Check out the success stories about schools and districts that completed a program level during 2009-2013. Also see success stories about districts and schools that participated prior to 2009, and read participant comments.

Program vision

All schools and school districts in King County will practice resource conservation and engage their students and staff in environmental stewardship.

Program mission

To provide King County schools and school districts with tools and support needed to

  • initiate and expand waste reduction and recycling practices and other conservation actions.
  • involve the whole school community in environmental stewardship.
  • operate environmentally efficient and responsible facilities.

The program is sponsored by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Solid Waste Division.

Eligible schools and school districts

Public and private K - 12 schools and school districts in King County, outside of the City of Seattle, are eligible to participate.

What schools and districts are saying about the Green Schools Program

"THANK YOU! You are such an inspiration to us, and we love working with you. Without you, we couldn't be nearly as far along with all our recycling efforts because you help us every step of the way. I can truly say that this initiative is the most supported I've ever felt from an outside agency. Ever, bar none! You are terrific, and we appreciate you more than words can say." – Emilie Hard, Principal, Glacier Park Elementary, Tahoma School District

"Thanks for all your suggestions! I feel energized and supported." – Deborah Edwards, teacher, Eagle Rock Multi-Age K-5 School, Riverview School District

"The King County Green Schools Program provides a very useful and valuable educational effort that also helps to create a better, more sustainable future. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the program." – Chuck Collins, Resource Conservation Manager, Lake Washington School District

"The Green Schools Program representative quickly assessed the status of the various needs at our 36 school sites and at the organizational level, then made program suggestions very effectively and unobtrusively." – Ed Novak, Resource Conservation Manager, Federal Way School District

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Updated: Apr. 28, 2014

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