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Recycle More. It's Easy To Do.

Learn about recycling in your home

Find recycling options if you…

Curbside recycling service

Find out what can and what can’t be recycled at the curb and how to check with your hauler for additional recycling service which may be available in your community.

Transfer station recycling

Recycling services are available to King County residents at Bow Lake, Cedar Falls, Enumclaw, Houghton, Renton, Skykomish, Shoreline and Vashon transfer stations and drop boxes. Recycling services vary by facility (PDF, 580 K).

What Do I Do With…?

If you have an item that is not collected through your curbside recycling service, visit the What Do I Do With…? website, an on-line directory of businesses and organizations that accept a wide variety of unwanted items for reuse, recycling or proper disposal. Ask the business/organization if they recycle the item, rather than dispose of it.

Recycling collection events

Recycling collection events held throughout King County accept a variety of items not commonly collected through curbside recycling service. Find a schedule of recycling collection events and details on what the events will accept.

Related information

  • The best ways to manage waste:
    Reduce by practicing waste prevention.
    Reuse or give away items you no longer want or need.
    Recycle what can’t be reused or given away.
  • Did you know half of what goes to Cedar Hills Regional Landfill could be recycled?  Learn what’s in your garbage – much of what we throw away still has value.
  • EcoConsumer waste calculator – Your everyday actions and decisions have a direct impact on the amount of waste generated in King County and the State of Washington. Use this calculator to learn the impact or your purchasing decisions.

Family Fun - It’s easy being green, let King County show you how Family Fun – it’s easy being green: let King County show you how!

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How much climate change is in your trash?

Climate change in your trash

Do you know how much climate change is in your trash? Find out now

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Take the pledge and get free tools to help you recycle and compost more.

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Updated: Sep. 6, 2016

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