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Overcoming the Ick Factor (PDF, 2.4 MB)
A survey done in 2008 to determine concerns the public has about food scrap recycling.

King County Commercial Report (PDF, 152 K)
Results of a pilot program to increase business recycling in King County.

King County Multi-Family Case Studies 2008 (PDF, 65 K)
Case Studies of multi-family complexes in a King County Pilot Program, 2006 - 2008.

King County Multi-Family Report (PDF, 228 K)
King County's pilot program to increase recycling at five large muilti-family complexes.

King County Residential Recycling Behavior Audit (PDF, 90 K)
This research, conducted in 2006, explores how King County residential curbside recycling customers make decisions about waste disposal.

Your Recycling Yard Waste Food Scraps Garbage Guide (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Best Workplaces for Recycling advice (PDF, 67 K)
Read some advice from our top recyclers on how to improve the recycling practices of your workplace.

Recycle More at Home – King County Residentail Recycling Tips (PDF, 28 K)
From King County's "Recycle More. It's Easy To Do" education campaign.

"Project Driveway" Recycling Bins (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Twenty-two local organizations teamed with King County to decorate curbside recycling bins as works of art.

Best Workplace for Recycling – Criteria for selection (PDF, 54 K)
Increase recycling at your workplace with suggestions from this list.

Seadrunar Recycling Facility Tour (PDF, 3.54 MB)
A photo tour of the Seadrunar recycling plant in South Seattle.

Summary Report of the 2001 Survey of Washington State's Recycling Industry (PDF, 553 K)
Results of the 2001 Survey of Recycled Material Collectors and Haulers, Transporters, Processors, and Re-Manufacturers.

Food Scraps and Food Waste Recycling

Organics Characterization Report, June 2012 (PDF, 1 MB)
Characterization study of the single-family organics collection program as part of the county's ongoing waste monitoring program.

Organics Study – Final Report, December 2009 (PDF, 283 K)
This study estimated the proportion of subscribers putting a cart out for collection, the proportion of carts that contain food, and the average quantity of food scraps set out by each participating household, as well as characterized the contents of the carts.

Renton Residental Pilot Report (PDF, 1.26 MB)
The city of Renton and 1,500 households completed an every-other-week collection of 3 solid waste streams - garbage, recycling and organics.

Food Scrap Recycling FAQ's (PDF, 53 K)
Frequently asked questions and answers about residential food scrap recycling in King County—from the "Recycle Food. It's Easy To Do" education campaign.

Food Scrap and Food-soiled Paper Recycling – Get Started at Home (PDF, 29 K)
From King County's "Recycle More. It's Easy To Do" education campaign.

King County Food Scrap Recycling Factoids (PDF, 52 K)
Interesting facts, figures and information about food scrap recycling in King County—from the "Recycle Food. It's Easy To Do" education campaign.

Half of US food goes to waste (PDF, 26 K)
Article reprinted from (external)

Food Scrap Recycling: The Endless Cycle (PDF, external)
Alameda County, CA photo essay of the food scrap loop.

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Updated: May. 14, 2013

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