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Recycle More. It's Easy To Do.

Commercial Food Scrap Collection

Food: Too Good To Waste

Food: Too Good To Waste

Learn how to reduce food waste at home.

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If your business has food products that are no longer edible, those products don't have to go into the landfill. They can be collected for composting, often for less than the cost of garbage disposal. Nearly 200 businesses in King County: grocery stores, restaurants and home and garden centers, reduce their disposed waste by composting their organics. Organic materials from commercial establishments suitable for composting include:

  • food scraps
  • food-soiled paper
  • waxed cardboard
  • plants
  • wood scraps

Recycling organics and food residuals decreases the amount of waste going to the landfill, and instead recycles it into rich, earth-friendly compost at a regional composting facility (external).

Search the King County "What do I do With" Web Site for locations to dispose of non-compostable food such as fats, oils and grease. King County encourages organic recycling, and especially food wastes, along with their other business related recycling.

Are you a business that could donate edible food? See edible food for donation.

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Updated: Jul. 14, 2016

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