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Cedar Hills Regional Landfill

50th anniversary open house

50th anniversary timeline

For the past 50 years the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill has served as King County's primary disposal location. Explore 50 years of history (PDF, 700 K), heavy equipment, weird waste and the critters that call Cedar Hills home…

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Cedar Hills Regional Landfill

Owned by King County and operated by the Solid Waste Division, the landfill receives over 800,000 tons of solid waste a year.

Ever wonder what goes on at a landfill? Check out this time-lapse video (YouTube) and the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill fact sheet (PDF, 80 K).

The Solid Waste Division (SWD) operates the only remaining landfill in King County – the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. The Cedar Hills Regional Landfill is not open to the general public for disposal of garbage. Garbage is accepted from residents and commercial customers at King County's eight urban transfer stations and two rural drop boxes. Waste brought to the transfer stations is consolidated and taken to the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill for disposal. Some materials not accepted at the transfer stations may be accepted at the landfill, but only with an approved waste clearance decision.

The 920-acre Cedar Hills Regional Landfill is located in Maple Valley, about 20 miles southeast of Seattle. Owned by King County and operated by SWD, the landfill receives over 800,000 tons of solid waste a year. Learn how you or your group or organization can arrange for a tour of the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill.

Planning for the Future

The currently adopted 2001 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF, 95 K) directs the division to contract for long-term disposal at an out-of-county landfill once Cedar Hills reaches capacity and closes. Because use of the landfill is currently the most economical method for disposal of the region’s wastes, the division is exploring all viable options for extending its useful life as long as feasible. This strategy, recommended in the 2006 Solid Waste Transfer and Waste Management Plan (PDF, 646 K), was approved by the County Council in 2007. In December 2010, the County Council approved a Project Program Plan (PPP) enabling the division to move forward with further development of Cedar Hills. As approved in the PPP, a disposal area covering approximately 56.5 acres will be developed – this will extend the life of the landfill through about 2030 depending on a variety of factors.

The division continues to monitor a wide range of options for long-term disposal once the landfill reaches capacity and closes, including waste export to an out-of-county landfill, waste-to-energy and other conversion technologies. Read more about current planning developments, including an update to the 2013 Draft Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan.

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Updated: Oct. 24, 2016

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