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Hazardous waste teaching resources

Hazards on the Homefront teacher's guide

Teacher's Guide

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Teacher guide

Hazards on the Homefront: A Teacher's Guide to Household Hazardous Waste contains hands-on lessons on how our health and the environment are affected by household hazardous products, and how proper disposal of these products and the use of safer alternatives can help protect us. The lessons encourage students to apply academic skills and subjects to real-life situations.

Two versions of the guide are available – one for teachers of grades 4-6 (last updated in 2010) and one for teachers of grades 6-12 (last updated in 2009). Both the elementary and secondary guides can be downloaded in their entirety or by individual lessons on the Washington Department of Ecology website (external). For a printed version in a binder or a CD version, contact Donna Miscolta.

Video demonstrations

Watch videos that demonstrate how to teach lessons from the Hazards on the Homefront teacher guide for grades 4-6.

Lesson extensions and adaptations

An extension of Lesson 6 for secondary students helps them learn about integrated pest management and solve a common pest problem.

Use these presentations to guide or supplement your classroom lessons on household hazardous waste:

The following lessons from the guide are adapted for English Language Learners:

Teaching aids

  • Bioaccumulation Cards (PDF, 1.2 MB)
    Use these cards to play the bioaccumulation game described in Lesson 3 of the Hazards on the Homefront guide for grades 6-12. Download a copy of Lesson 3 (external)
  • Green Cleaning Project Guide (PDF, 400 K)
    This guide provides activities and projects that increase students’ awareness of safer alternatives to household hazardous cleaning products.
  • Pesticide Alternatives Worksheet (PDF, 35 K)
    This worksheet helps your students identify important information on pesticide product labels and consider safer alternatives to pest and weed problems in the garden.
  • Toxic-Free Bingo cards (PDF, 1.5 MB) and Bingo key (PDF, 100 K)
    Use these Toxic-Free Bingo cards and Bingo key from Lesson 5 of the Hazards on the Homefront teacher guide to help your students learn safer alternatives to household hazardous products.

Teacher-generated materials

Carlie Jonas, McKnight Middle School, Renton, WA

Paula Konrady, St. Luke School, Shoreline, WA

Jessica Levine, Eckstein Middle School, Seattle, WA

Barbara Shelton and Kim McHenry, Tahoma Junior High School, Ravensdale, WA

Fun fliers

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Updated: Mar. 30, 2016

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