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How well do you know the Four Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink? Do you know what's garbage, what's not, and where it all goes? Do you know the dangers posed by some everyday products to your health and the environment? How can you recognize a hazardous product? Find out what you know and what you need to know about garbage, recycling and hazardous waste by taking the quizzes.

What do you know?

How much do you now about the whys and hows of recycling and garbage?

Put waste in its place

Remember to reduce, reuse, compost and recycle whenever possible. Test your knowledge of the best disposal options.

Household hazards

Many of the products used around your house may be hazardous. Do you know what these products are and how they can affect you?

Take the household product survey

Take the household product survey to see how many products you have in your home. Think about ways you might be able to reduce the total.

Using hazardous products

Following instructions on the label and properly storing hazardous products are important for the safety of everyone in the household.

Reduce your use of hazardous products

Household cleaners, paints, pesticides and other products often contain hazardous chemicals. Learn how to reduce your use of these products.

How to recognize hazardous products

The label usually contains information about what the product is used for, directions on how to use it and certain required warnings.


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Family Fun - It’s easy being green, let King County show you how Family Fun – it’s easy being green: let King County show you how!

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Updated: Sep. 8, 2009

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