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Earth Heroes at School

The Earth Heroes at School Program celebrates King County students, teachers, staff, and volunteers who implement projects at their school or beyond to protect our environment. Is someone at your school an outstanding advocate for conserving natural resources? Do you have a school program that reduces your school's impact on our environment? If so, nominate them for an Earth Heroes at School award!

Winners are honored each year at a reception featuring entertainment, refreshments, and presentation of awards. The 2014 awards were presented by King County Solid Waste Division Director Pat McLaughlin. View a slide show of 2014 winners (below). Read a full description of all 2014 Earth Heroes at School projects (PDF, 390 K). Watch the video (external). View the intro and the quiz game at the beginning or skip to the awards at 15:45.



View more photos from the May 1, 2014 ceremony.

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Updated: Nov. 4, 2014

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