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King County EcoConsumer - a natural balance of consuming and conserving
King County EcoConsumer – a natural balance of consuming and conserving  

Featured on KOMO4 News segments

This page is updated regularly to coincide with the most recent EcoConsumer/KOMO4 News appearance. Visit the products archive to learn about products and resources featured on past appearances.

Note: Because of time constraints, some of the products and resources listed here may be shown on the air only very briefly, or not at all. Many of the following links lead to external sites.

Preventing Food Waste

Air date: May 11, 2016

King County’s "Food: Too Good to Waste" consumer resources

New food waste prevention ad campaign from Natural Resources Defense Council and Ad Council

Food product dating info from the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Recipe for beet green pesto, from Sarah Sailer on the Plan to Eat blog

Promenade Red Apple grocery store

Central Co-op grocery store

King County’s food scraps collection and food donation resources

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Updated: May. 10, 2016

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