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King County EcoConsumer - a natural balance of consuming and conserving
King County EcoConsumer – a natural balance of consuming and conserving  

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The EcoConsumer Blog ran from 2007 to 2013. It has been discontinued so that the EcoConsumer program can concentrate on other forms of social media and mainstream media.






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Disposables won't die


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Disposables won't die (0)



posted by: Tom Watson on Oct. 30, 2009

I had thought the disposable products trend was waning. After a spate of new disposables for years - from razors to wipes to toilet bowl brushes - they really seemed to taper off. Well, then there was Colgate's Wisp disposable toothbrush introduced last spring, but I thought, okay, maybe that's just an anomaly. I was still thinking that consumers were largely shunning disposables now, for green reasons and because they are so much more expensive than durable items.

But then this week I heard about the new disposable grills. Maybe you have seen these. Several major supermarket chains in the Seattle area carry them. Now, it's bad enough that they have created a disposable version of a product that was never disposable before. But what really gets me is that they are trying to portray this product as "green." Just look at their website. "Environmentally friendly." "100% natural charcoal." Givve me a break. I don't care how "natural" the charcoal is, and I don't care if you can recycle the grill when you're done (and I'll bet that very few of them get recycled, especially since many residential curbside recycling programs don't take scrap metal). It's just a huge waste of resources to use a metal product of that size only once.

If you need a small portable grill, buy or borrow a durable one or a camping stove! Let's hope that consumers see though this so-called "environmentally friendly" product. I understand people wanting to use some convenience products, and I use some myself. But this one smells, and it's not just the "natural" charcoal.

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Updated: Oct. 17, 2013

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