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King County EcoConsumer - a natural balance of consuming and conserving
King County EcoConsumer – a natural balance of consuming and conserving  

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The EcoConsumer Blog ran from 2007 to 2013. It has been discontinued so that the EcoConsumer program can concentrate on other forms of social media and mainstream media.






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9 ways to greenify September


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9 ways to greenify September (1)



posted by: Tom Watson on Sep. 2, 2013

Okay, it's September now, most of your house guests are gone, and you probably aren't taking any more vacation time the next few weeks. Back to the real world, and maybe we'll all have a little more time now to help make the real world greener. So here are 9 ideas for reducing your environmental impact this month. Try to pick at least one of these - I will too - and do it.

1) Make less waste at a football or soccer game. Especially with the happy proliferation of good teams this year, many of us will be going to Husky Stadium or Century Link Field or another stadium for a game. Bring a reusable water bottle (follow the stadium's rules about that) or food in reusable containers.

2) Insulate your basement pipes. Find those easy-to-install foam pipe sleeves at nearly any hardware or home improvement store.

3) Set up your leaf composting system, even if it's just a place for your piles, so you're all ready when leaves start falling in earnest in late September or October.

4) Walk more to get places, while the weather's still nice.

5) Pick all your fruit. Get help if you need it, but don't let good fruit rot. Donate it to a food bank if you can't eat it all.

6) Winterize your wheels. Make sure your tires are at the right pressure. That will make you safe for wet and icy cold-weather driving, and you'll also get better mileage and use less gas. If you need new wipers, spend a little more and get higher-quality wipers that will last longer, reducing waste.

7) Clear your closet. It's season-change time, so if you have any summer clothes you never wore all summer this year, or cool-weather clothes you haven't worn for a year, donate them to a charity program.

8) Hit the farmers markets. Most are still open through September, and have a fantastic selection of fruits and veggies.

9) Care for your summer stuff. Clean off and do any needed maintenance on summer equipment, like your grill and lawn furniture, before you put them away. They'll last longer that way!

It's easy to get a little bummed that summer is almost over. But September has its own charms, so let's enjoy this ninth month of the year, and greenify it. Thanks!

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(1) Comment(s)

posted by: dagracey on Dec. 5, 2013

Great post - especially on fruit and foodbanks - many think it's just canned goods, which it can be - mostly for logistics purposes, but the writer is correct they often do take fresh food during the week, on the days the foodbank is open to the public, such that it doesn't perish, including vegetables from the garden.

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Updated: Oct. 17, 2013

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