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King County EcoConsumer - a natural balance of consuming and conserving
King County EcoConsumer – a natural balance of consuming and conserving  

About us

Tom Watson’s bio

Tom Watson

Tom Watson

King County's EcoConsumer

Tom Watson manages the EcoConsumer public outreach program for King County Recycling and Environmental Services, in the Department of Natural Resources and Parks. He appears regularly on local TV and radio, including EcoConsumer TV segments on the KOMO4 4pm news. He also writes articles for various online and print publications and is active on social media, especially Twitter, for the EcoConsumer program. From April 2005, to April 2015, Tom wrote the EcoConsumer column for the Seattle Times. Tom has given more than 200 presentations, across King County and beyond.

Joining King County in 1992, Tom has worked on a wide range of projects and research on climate change, waste prevention, packaging, plastics waste, junk mail reduction, natural gardening, reuse, toxics reduction, electronics recycling and greening the home. He also manages King County's Green Holidays public outreach program.

King County’s role

King County Solid Waste Division has a multi-pronged approach to environmental protection:

  • Public education, which includes King County EcoConsumer and dozens of other projects and programs.
  • Working with the business sector to encourage them to take responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products and services. This is known as product stewardship.
  • Offering collection opportunities for recyclable or reusable items when possible, at our transfer stations or through partnerships.
  • Providing waste disposal services with the highest standards and lowest environmental impact possible.

King County's EcoConsumer project deals with the environmental impacts of our purchasing decisions and daily activities. In addition to the Solid Waste Division, a number of other King County agencies offer programs and resources to help King County residents balance consuming and conserving.

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Updated: Jul. 24, 2015

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