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Auburn Recycling Collection Event


Saturday, September 09, 2017


9am - 3pm


301 Oravetz Pl. SE (external link)
Ilalko Elementary School  
Auburn, WA 


Recycling collection event for residents of Auburn and King County. PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION! See event brochure for a map and details about materials accepted.

In addition to this Recycling Collection Event, many items may be disposed or recycled at other locations throughout King County. For more information, visit the "What do I do with..." site or call the King County Recycling and Composting Information Line at 206-477-4466.


Certain household hazardous wastes that are not accepted at this event may be safely disposed through King County’s Wastemobile program. View the Wastemobile schedule online or call the Hazards Line at 206-296-4692 for a list of locations.

Contact information

King County Solid Waste Division Customer Service
Telephone: 206-477-4466

Materials Handled
 - Refrigerators, Freezers
Construction and Demolition Debris
 - Asphalt
 - Brick
 - Concrete
 - Porcelain
 - Wood
 - Cell Phones, Smart Phones, Mobile Devices
 - Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines, Peripherals
 - Mattresses
Landscaping, Landclearing
 - Brush, Woody Waste
 - Rock
 - Ferrous Metals
 - Nonferrous Metals
Misc Household Items
 - General
 - Cardboard
 - Confidential Documents
 - Packing Peanuts and Foam Blocks
 - Passenger, Truck, Motorcycle Tires

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Updated: Jul. 17, 2012

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