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The King County Solid Waste Division (SWD) offers several programs that can help reduce waste and promote recycling in the workplace. On these pages, you will find helpful hints as well as information about specific programs.

Business hazardous waste

Information about business hazardous waste disposal, recycling options and best management practices. Includes guidelines for safely transporting waste and information about getting technical and financial assistance to reduce waste.

Workplace recycling

Provides detailed information on how to establish a recycling program for your business.

Waste prevention activities

Identifies the benefits of waste prevention and provides a list of tips that can help you reduce waste at your business.

Property managers recycling

Discusses how property managers can establish recycling programs for their office buildings.

Zero waste

Find resources to become a zero waste business.

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Best Workplaces for Waste Prevention and Recycling

Best Workplaces

Is your business a Best Workplace for Waste Prevention and Recycling?

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Updated: Jul 21, 2016

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