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King County Road Services - Capital Improvement Program

Issaquah-Hobart Road Southeast Intersection Safety Improvement

Project No.:  1111177
Project limits:  150 feet south of SE 113 St
Project type:  Safety
Thomas Bros. Map No.:  628B7

Project description

The Issaquah Hobart Road S.E. project will add a left turn and merge lane at the Tiger Mountain trailhead.

Why is King County doing this project?

Ranks #2 on the 2011 HAL/HAR array. This location has a high incidence of rear end collisions.

Project management phase:  Construction completed.

Status as of December 17, 2014

Project was suspended June 11th. Work shall resume on October 1 and shall be completed by October 14, 2014.

Environmental information

The project will have impacts to the aquatic area stream and wetland buffers; these impacts will be mitigated.

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How does the CIP work?

The Road Services Division Capital Improvement Program (CIP) contains all design and construction and studies for improvements on roads, bridges or transportation facilities in the unincorporated areas of King County. We have a glossary to help explain our terms and jargon.

Budget and Funding

Project supervisor

Norton Posey