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King County Road Services - Capital Improvement Program

Clear Zone Safety

Project No.:  1027161
Project limits:  Countywide
Project type:  Traffic / Roads Operations
Thomas Bros. Map No.:  n/a

Project description

The Clear Zone Safety Program will continue and augment safety work relating to clear zones adjacent to County roads. The Program will utilize information from Road crews, citizen comments and utility providers.

Why is King County doing this project?

As defined in the King County Road Standards, the clear zone is a roadside border area starting at the edge of the traveled way available for use by errant vehicles. This area may consist of a shoulder, a recoverable slope, a nonrecoverable slope, and/or a clear run-out area. The Road Standards regulate the placement of new structures within the clear zone. The Clear Zone Safety Program will allow the King County to adopt an integrated approach to regulating and improving the clear zones adjacent to County Roads.

Project management phase:  Ongoing Project

Status as of July 29, 2015



How does the CIP work?

The Road Services Division Capital Improvement Program (CIP) contains all design and construction and studies for improvements on roads, bridges or transportation facilities in the unincorporated areas of King County. We have a glossary to help explain our terms and jargon.

Budget and Funding

Vicinity map

Vacinity map

Project supervisor

Norton Posey