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King County Road Services - Capital Improvement Program

Newaukum Creek Bridge #3040A

Project No.:  1026790
Project limits:  284th Ave SE - north of SE 416th St
Project type:  Bridge
Thomas Bros. Map No.:  808g2

Project description

The Newaukum Creek Bridge project will remove the existing bridge and replace it with a new structure that conforms to current design standards, preserving existing road network function.

Why is King County doing this project?

The existing bridge has exceeded its useful life span.

Project management phase:  Closeout

Status as of April 10, 2014



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How does the CIP work?

The Road Services Division Capital Improvement Program (CIP) contains all design and construction and studies for improvements on roads, bridges or transportation facilities in the unincorporated areas of King County. We have a glossary to help explain our terms and jargon.

Budget and Funding

Project supervisor

Tim Lane