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Finance and Business Operations Division
Dept. of Executive Services

Division Director:
Ken Guy

401 Fifth Ave.
Seattle, WA 98104-2333

Phone: 206-263-9258 TTY Relay: 711

Some Facts...

If you have your property tax account number you can find the current and past three years assessed value of your property.

Treasury Operations bills, collects and disburses property taxes on behalf of the State and all local governments in King County, amounting to $2.6 billion in property taxes and over 660,000 tax accounts in 2004.

Treasury Operations/Cash Management manages a $3.2 billion investment pool which includes King County agencies as well as 96 other local districts (e.g., school districts, water and sewer districts, hospital districts, fire districts, Sound Transit and the Public Stadium Authority).

King County Procurement maintains lists of companies wanting to do business with the County. Are you on that list?

King County maintains over 10,000 vendors on its procurement lists. Visit Procurement and Contract Services.

King County uses remanufactured toner cartridges in its laser printers. Visit Procurement and Contract Services.

97% of the paper used by King County contains recycled material. Visit Procurement and Contract Services.
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  Updated: March 11, 2005