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King County
Executive Office

Ron Sims, King County Executive 701 Fifth Ave. Suite 3210 Seattle, WA 98104 Phone: 206-296-4040 Fax: 206-296-0194 TTY Relay: 711
Image: King County Exeutive Ron Sims, News Release

Dec. 24, 2008

Local Proclamation of Emergency: King County

WHEREAS, the King County Office of Emergency Management has reported to the King County Executive that winter storm conditions with heavy snow and persistent icy conditions have impacted the King County region since December 19, 2008, causing significant impacts to King County government departments and infrastructure as well as to cities and special purpose districts, and

WHEREAS, persons and property are and will be threatened and damaged unless further efforts are taken to reduce the threat to life and property; and

WHEREAS, this disaster is causing an undesignated amount of damage; and

WHEREAS, the severity and magnitude of this disaster is beyond the response and recovery capability of local resources; and

WHEREAS, there is an emergency present which necessitates activation of the King County Emergency Management Plan and utilization of emergency powers granted pursuant to RCW Chapter 38.52. and K.C.C. Chapter 12.52; and

WHEREAS, the emergency may require emergency purchases by King County and the waiver of public procurement processes as described under K.C.C. Chapter 4.16.050, therefore


SECTION 1 That it is hereby declared that there is an emergency due to extreme winter weather conditions and other secondary hazards affecting King County; therefore designated departments of King County are authorized to enter into contracts and incur obligations necessary to combat such emergency to protect and provide emergency assistance to victims of such emergency.

Each designated department is authorized to exercise the powers vested under Section 1 of this Resolution in light of the exigencies of an emergency situation without regard to time consuming procedures and formalities prescribed by law (excepting mandatory constitutional requirements).

DATED this 23rd day of December, 2008.

Ron Sim's signature

RON SIMS, King County Executive
State of Washington

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  Updated: March 17, 2010