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Image: King County Exeutive Ron Sims, News Release

Oct. 2, 2008

King County and Maple Valley sign agreement on joint planning of Summit Pit property

King County and the City of Maple Valley have signed a memorandum of agreement to work together on a joint planning process to decide the appropriate zoning for the Summit Pit property in Southeast King County, also known as "the Donut Hole."

The agreement gives both parties a seat at the table and a voice in major decisions to be made about the 156 acre property, which is currently owned by King County but completely surrounded by the City of Maple Valley.

After two years of work and intense negotiations, King County Executive Ron Sims expressed excitement over the prospects the project could present, with a master planned community that meets the need for several types of housing, open spaces, community gathering spaces.

"We've done a lot of work on Summit Pit, but this memorandum of agreement is a start, not the finish line," said Executive Ron Sims. "The key to this project's success will be the collaboration with Maple Valley and its residents on a final vision that works for us and, most importantly, meets the needs of their growing city."

"The City of Maple Valley appreciates the cooperation of the county and YarrowBay in reaching agreement on one of the biggest future land developments in the city," said Interim City Manager Christy Todd. "We are confident that the end result will reflect Maple Valley's vision for its future."

Executive Sims has signed a purchase and sale agreement with YarrowBay Group development selling the property for $51 million. King County agreed to support annexation of the property by Maple Valley, which would then receive millions in taxes, fees and new revenue generated by the new housing, parks, trails and other amenities.

"I am pleased that Maple Valley has finally been brought to the table," said County Councilmember Reagan Dunn, who represents the district that includes Maple Valley. "Joint planning that takes into consideration the local services that Maple Valley must provide is the only way this could ever happen.  I am proud of the city for their tenacious spirit and I'm happy with the level of cooperation shown by all parties over the past few weeks."

In part, the memorandum of agreement calls for the county to make changes to the property's zoning in conjunction with amendments expected this year to the county's Comprehensive Plan, and joint planning and pre-annexation processes would be done in tandem and completed by June 30, 2009 .

The agreement has been sent to the King County Council for approval.

L-R: Brian Ross (YarrowBay Group), Executive Sims, Christy A. Todd (Maple Valley Interim City Manager)
L-R: Brian Ross (YarrowBay Group), Executive Sims, Christy A. Todd (Maple Valley Interim City Manager)

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