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September 15, 1998 general election


Note to Voters: The statements below are written by the candidates, who are solely responsible for the contents therein.

List of Candidates for King County Disctrict Court--Seattle Electoral District - Judge Position 1:

Barbara LINDE
Attorney General Christine Gregoire, Governor Gary Locke and King County Executive Ron Sims are passionate about the quality of our courts. Sims describes Judge Barbara Linde as an "excellent judge who has a reputation for fairness, integrity, and hard work." All urge her reelection.
Since her election in 1994, Barbara has been a leader on the court. Barbara is Presiding Judge in Seattle and is working to implement King County's innovative Mental Health Court. In addition to her commitment to treat every litigant with respect and dignity, and to fairly decide each case, Barbara has led efforts to improve the courts.
Barbara is part of an unprecedented effort to reexamine the entire justice system, and her colleagues have elected her to statewide leadership.
This judicial excellence and 14 years as a felony prosecutor for King County distinguish Barbara from her opponent, a career criminal defense lawyer, without judicial experience.
Law Enforcement groups endorse Barbara.
Justice Phil Talmadge emphatically states "District Court is the people's court. The people deserve a Judge of Barbara's caliber and experience."
Barbara, 42, a Seattle native, attended Nathan Hale, the UW, and UPS Law. She lives in West Seattle with her husband and two children.

Barbara Linde
Barbara LINDE

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Kevin Patrick DOLAN
I've been a public defender in the trenches for 22 years. Most of that time has been spent defending the rights of ordinary people of modest means.
For years people have asked me, "How can you defend those people?" as if defendants are dangerous aliens from Mars, or more to the point, have no constitutional rights.
I'll tell you most defendants are ordinary people with jobs, families, and kids. What they want is a judge who will treat them courteously and fairly; who will give them their full day in court, and won't be biased toward one side or the other.
You may never come to District Court. But if you do, what you should be concerned about, and have the right to expect from a judge, is someone who knows the law; is honest, independent, hardworking, and fair. If I'm elected, that is what I'll be.

CAMPAIGN ADDRESS: 7040 33 AV NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Kevin Patrick Dolan
Kevin Patrick DOLAN

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Updated: October 14, 1998

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