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Solid Waste and Recycling

Kids putting recyclables into a recycling binYou've probably heard of the Three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We need to practice these Rs because our resources are limited - there is only so much aluminum, tin, oil, and other raw materials in the world. If we reduce, reuse, and recycle, we'll cut down on the amount of stuff we throw away and conserve resources. In this section of the DNR Student Web, explore what's garbage, what's not, and where it all goes.

All About Our Garbage
    What's in our garbage?
    See what kinds of things make up our garbage.
    What Do You Know About Garbage and Recycling?
    Test your knowledge with five quick questions.

How Do I Sort My Garbage?
    Put waste in its place
    Do you know the best way to dispose of a banana peel?
    What goes where? (Acrobat pdf)
    View lists of items that go in the recycling bin, yard and foodscrap bin, and garbage bin.

What Happens to My Recyclables and Garbage?
    Where does it go?
    Follow your cans, newspapers and other recyclable to their destination.
    How does a landfill work?
    See how the latest landfill technology protects our environment.

How Do I Reduce My Garbage?
    How do we reduce the amount of garbage we make?
    Learn how to reduce at home, school, and at the store.
    Close the loop - buy recycled products
    See some common household, garden, and school supplies that are made of recycled materials.

For More Information on Solid Waste and Recycling
   Visit the King County Solid Waste Division Home Page
    Get information about programs and services available in King County.
    Play the Litter Bug Game (external link)
    Catch litter before it hits the ground and save the environment years of clean up.


Updated: May 12, 2009

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