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Where Does Garbage Go?
picture of garbage can
Garbage Can

When you set your garbage can at the curb or alley, do you wonder where it goes? Just because you may not see it again, that doesn't mean it disappears!
picture of garbage truck
Garbage Truck

You know it gets picked up once a week, but where does the garbage truck take it?
picture of transfer station
Transfer Station

This is where the garbage truck brings your garbage to be transferred to a large trailer. There are eight transfer stations in King County.
picture of trailer

This trailer is taking your garbage to its final destination.
picture of Cedar Hills Landfill
Cedar Hills Landfill

Almost all of the garbage from King County residences and businesses outside of the city of Seattle goes to the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. This 920 acre facility is owned and operated by the King County Solid Waste Division and is located about 20 miles southeast of Seattle. The Cedar Hills Regional Landfill is a showcase for technological advances, safety and health measures, and environmental protection.


Updated: August 16 , 2000

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