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Performance, Strategy and Budget

Annual Indicators and Measures

Notice to our users:

King County AIMs High will no longer be updated. King County's performance measurement is now located at

AIMs High: Annual Indicators and Measures

AIMs High: Annual Indicators and Measures tracks performance on the implementation of the King County Strategic Plan — which outlines goals for what King County will deliver and how King County will deliver.

By measuring our performance, we can focus on the results the public wants, then focus on efforts that deliver those results.

By consistently measuring our performance at all levels of the countywide strategic plan, we can ensure its ambitious goals and objectives are connected to day-to-day operations and service delivery.

AIMs High measures the condition of the community and the results of King County strategies. This will serve as the basis for King County's ongoing performance measurement and management efforts, including public reporting, budgeting, management, and oversight.

How to use AIMs High:


King County Performance Scorecard


What you will find on AIMs High:

Objective Indicators such as the unemployment rate in King County


Strategy Measures such as the percent of King County contracts going to small businesses

Please contact Michael Jacobson, Deputy Director for Performance and Strategy, with questions about AIMs High or King County's performance management model.