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Performance, Strategy and Budget

Annual Indicators and Measures

Economic Growth and Built Environment

Economic Growth and Built Environment

Goal: Encourage a growing and diverse King County economy and vibrant, thriving and sustainable communities

This goal has four objectives:

  1. Support a strong, diverse, and sustainable economy
  2. Meet the growing need for transportation services and facilities throughout the county
  3. Shape a built environment that allows communities to flourish
  4. Preserve the unique character of our rural communities in collaboration with rural residents

To accomplish this goal, the county recognizes the need to establish a common framework for creating prosperous, healthy, and livable communities. This goal encompasses a wide variety of county services, such as: economic development, transit, planning and permitting, trails, and rural services. This goal also recognizes the importance of working together to improve the quality of life for all residents.

Objective Indicators for Economic Growth and Built Environment objectives reflect the state of the built environment, transportation system and physical infrastructure throughout the county, as well as the state of King County's workforce and its business climate.

Strategy Measures demonstrate King County's role in managing growth, promoting livable neighborhoods and increasing mobility. Performance measures also demonstrate the role of King County government in training workers in the skills required by industries that offer the best opportunities for employment and career advancement; and retaining, expanding, and recruiting businesses within industry clusters that offer the greatest potential for growth.

For more about the King County Strategic Plan and how it's measured see the About AIMs High page

Chart showing the commutity indicators and performance measures for Economic Growth  and Built Environment

Regional Services

King County provides regional services for King County residents related to this goal:

  • Metro Transit
  • King County Water Taxi
  • King County International Airport (Boeing Field)
  • Property Records Management
  • Economic development and business development services
  • Affordable housing and homeless housing programs
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Regional parks and trails
  • Comprehensive land-use planning
  • Agricultural and forestry preservation

Local Services

King County provides local services for unincorporated King County residents (and by contract for some cities) related to this goal:
  • Building permits and inspections
  • Construction and maintenance of roads and bridges
  • Land use planning & protection of rural areas
  • Local parks

Key Agencies

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