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Household Hazardous Waste

The What Can Happen? Game
Enter your ideas for what could happen in each scenario involving a potentially hazardous product.

Potentially Hazardous Product Unsafe Situation What Can Happen?
Lemon furniture oil The cap to the bottle of furniture polish was lost and the polish was placed in a glass near the sink.
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Pills Medicine prescribed by a doctor was placed on a nightstand.
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Aerosol, Air-freshener, Deodorizer The smell from a cooking dish was unpleasant. To take the smell away, all the windows were closed and an air freshener was sprayed in the house. The can was then put away.
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Cleanser and Ammonia The bathroom tile wouldn’t come clean using chlorine bleach cleanser, so it was decided to mix some ammonia with the cleanser to make a product stronger.
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Pesticide To kill some ants in the kitchen, an insect killer was sprayed on the floor. Residents of the house had a habit of walking around in socks or barefoot.
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Oven Cleaner Although the product called for the use of rubber gloves, a housekeeper felt that they were too clumsy and decided to clean the oven without them.
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Possible Answers

Lemon Furniture Oil- Someone might think the furniture oil was apple juice or lemon soda and drink it. NOTE: Children are lured by the pretty colors and scents of some products. Never underestimate what a child will eat or drink.

Pills- Young children might think the pills look like candy. People could also hurt themselves very badly by taking medicine prescribed for someone else. NOTE: Medicines should never be taken unless given by an adult.

Aerosol, Air Freshener, Deodorizer- Residents in the home may feel sick from breathing the fumes in closed quarters. Also, the can might explode if kept near a source of heat. NOTE: Some air fresheners and deodorizers work by either desensitizing your sense of smell a little, coating your nasal passage with an oily film, or masking the unpleasant odor with another odor.

Cleanser and Ammonia- Mixing chlorine bleach and ammonia releases a toxic gas. NOTE: The fumes, depending on the amount of product used, can result in eye, throat, and nose irritations as well as breathing difficulty. Products should never be mixed unless specific instructions do so are found on the product label.

Pesticide- The chemicals can penetrate the socks and be absorbed through the skin. NOTE: The complete impact each pesticide, or any chemical, has on a person’s health is not known - especially the long-term effects. Also, people have different sensitivities to different chemicals.

Oven Cleaner- The chemicals in these products could cause the skin to burn or develop a rash. NOTE: Oven cleaners and drain openers contain very strong, corrosive chemicals. Any skin and eye contact should be washed immediately and thoroughly with water.


Updated: August 28 , 2000

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