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Household Hazardous Waste

Paint and solvents are common household hazards

Many of the products used around the home, such as paints, cleaners, and pesticides, are dangerous and poisonous. These products are not only dangerous in the house, but if they are not disposed of correctly, they can cause pollution and harm fish, wildlife, and people. Learn how to handle and dispose of household hazards safely.

Play the "What Can Happen?" game
Analyze a variety of situations and see if you can identify potential hazards.

What are some common hazardous products, and how can I identify others?
Discover the difference between "caution," "warning," "danger" and "poison".

What can I do about creating hazardous waste?
Find out why you often don't have to use hazardous products, how to use them safely if you have to, and proper disposal methods.

Learn safer alternatives for hazardous products.
Did you know you can use club soda to clean rugs?

Where can I go for more info?
School & Youth pages at the Hazardous Waste Management Program.


Updated: August 16, 2000

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